Rơ le ABB REG670

Thông số kỹ thuật ABB

• Fully IEC 61850 compliant
• Generator and transformer protection integrated in one IED
• Protection, monitoring and control integrated in one IED
• Extensive self-supervision including analog channels
• Six independent parameter setting groups
• Signal matrix for easy configuration of binary and analog signals
• Ethernet interface for fast and easy communication with PC
• Large HMI for visualization of single line diagrams
Pre-configured solutions
• Pre-configured and type tested solutions including default settings for:
– Generator main and back-up protection with 12 analog inputs
– Generator main and back-up protection with 24 analog inputs
– Generator and block transformer main and back-up protection with 24 analog inputs
Most important protection functions
• Generator differential protection
– Differential currents calculated based on fundamental frequency and negative sequence
– Percentage bias restraint
– Internal/external fault discriminator (negative sequence based)
– Higher harmonic block for 2nd and 5th
– DC biasing
– Suitable for split phase differential protection applications
• Transformer differential protection
– Percentage bias restraint
– Waveform and second harmonic restraint for transformer inrush
– Fifth harmonic restraint for overexcitation
– Automatic CT ratio matching and vector group compensation
– High sensitivity for interturn faults
– Open CT detection incorporated
• High impedance differential protection
• Restricted earth-fault protection
– Extremely fast operation
– High and low impedance based
• Injection-based protection
– 100% stator earth-fault protection using REX060 injection unit
– Sensitive rotor earth-fault protection using REX060 injection unit
• Back-up underimpedance protection
– Full-scheme distance protection with Mho characteristic
• Pole slip protection
– Detection of slips in power system from 0.2Hz to 8Hz
– Discrimination between generating and motoring direction of rotor phase angle
– Discrimination between local and external power swing center
– Trip after a set number of slips
– Trip within a set rotor angle
• Loss of/under excitation
– Positive sequence measurement
– Two zones Z1 and Z2 with independent block and trip
– Directional element for zone restriction
• Directional power protection
– Reverse power, low forward, active and reactive power protection
– Phase angle compensation
– Two steps (alarm/trip)
• Current
– Instantaneous phase- and residual overcurrent protection
– Four-step phase- and residual directional/non-directional overcurrent protection with definite and inverse time characteristics
– Negative sequence overcurrent protection for machines
– Split phase overcurrent protection
– Accidental energizing protection for synchronous generator
– Thermal overload protection
– Breaker failure protection
– Pole discordance protection
• Power functions
– Directional under- and over power protection
• Voltage
– Two step phase- and residual over-voltage protection with definite and inverse time characteristics
– Two step undervoltage protection with definite and inverse time characteristics
– Overexcitation protection
– 3rd harmonic based 100% stator earth-fault protection
– 95% stator earth-fault protection

Secondary system supervision
– Fuse failure supervision
– Current circuit supervision
• Frequency functions
– Over- and under-frequency protection
– Rate-of-change frequency protection
• Multipurpose function
– General current and voltage protection
– Voltage controlled/restraint overcurrent protection
– Rotor earth-fault protection using COMBIFLEX RXTTE4 injection unit
Control functions
• Apparatus control for up to 30 apparatus
• Synchrocheck, energizing check and synchronizing
• Selectable operator place allocation
• Versatile switch with two positions
• Selector switch with up to 32 positions
• Tripping logic
• Trip matrix logic
• Configurable logic blocks
• Disturbance recorder
– Up to 10 seconds of data before the trigger
– Up to 100 disturbances
– 40 analog channels, 30 physical and 10 derived
– 96 Binary channels
• Event list for 1000 events
• Disturbance report
• Event and trip value recorders
• Event counters
• Supervision of AC and mA input quantities
• Small and large HMI
• LED indications with 6 red and 9 yellow LEDs
• U, I, P, Q, S, f, and cosj
• Accuracy of AC input quantities, class 1.0 or 0.5
• Inputs for mA measuring
• Energy metering function for energy statistics
• Pulse counting support for energy metering
• IEC 61850-8-1 including GOOSE messaging
• IEC 60870-5-103
• DNP 3.0
• Remote end communication for transfer of 192 binary signals
Setting, configuration and disturbance handling
• Protection and control IED manager PCM600
– Installation and commission tool module for injection-based protection
• Full 19“ case, 6U height with 24 analog inputs and up to 11 I/O modules
• Half 19“ case, 6U height with 12 analog inputs and up to 3 I/O modules
• Power supply modules from 24 to 250 V DC ± 20%
• Metering class input CTs
• Binary input module with 16 inputs
• Binary output module with 24 outputs
• Binary input/output module with 8 inputs and 12 outputs
• mA input module with 6 transducer channels
• GPS or IRIG-B time synchronization module
• Remote-end data communication modules
• Accessories


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