Cảm biến ngọn lửa Honeywell C7027A1049

đại lý C7027A1049, nhà phân phối C7027A1049, honeywell C7027A1049

Thông số kỹ thuật C7027A1049:

Compact flame detector for use with flame safeguard controls with ultraviolet amplifiers.


  • Use with Honeywell Flame Safeguard primary safety controls and burners requiring ultraviolet flame detection.
  • C7027 mounts on a 1/2 in. sighting pipe by using an integral collar.
  • Detectors can be wired in parallel for difficult sighting applications.
  • C7027 seals against pressures up to 5 psi (34.5kPa) when correctly installed.
  • Allows for blast tube mounting due to compact size.
  • C7044 mounts with a two screw bracket.
  • The C7044 UV sensor tube is enclosed in a stainless steel housing.
  • C7044 has the capability of side or end viewing in flame monitoring applications.

Product Specifications

Coal fired burners; Gas fired burners; Oil fired burners
Dimensions (in.)
1 1/16 in. diameter x 4 in. long
Dimensions (mm)
27 mm diameter x 102 mm long
1/2 in. NPT threaded spud connector.
Used With
Flame Amplifiers: R7249A, B, R7849A, B, R7749B, R7259, R7290
Detects ultraviolet radiation in flames
Integral nut for 1/2 in. sighting pipe.
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Listed: File No. MP268, Guide No. MCCZ
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
Certified: Master Report LR95329-1
Electrical Connections
2 NEC Class 1 lead wires
0.5 G max
Approvals, Swiss RE
Approvals, Factory Mutual
Approved: Report No. 24181.03
Ambient Temperature Range (F)
0 F to 215 F
Ambient Temperature Range (C)
-18 C to +102 C
Lead Length (in.)
96 in.
Lead Length (mm)
2438 mm

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